About Zyme
Zyme is an independent artist based out of Califorina. Formerly a member of the group "The Bayliens", Zyme experienced commercial radio success & touring. He has shared the stages with such artists as Lil Wayne, Macklemore, DMX, E40, & more. In the most recent years Zyme has had major licensing placments with Nike, Coca Cola, Beck's Beer, PLayboy Tv, & MTV. His song "Bring it Back" gave him global recognition when Snoop Dogg featured it as the #1 music video on Snoop's video countdown show called,  " Underground Heat ". With a large musical catolog  & a very diverse style. Zyme can easliy appeal to fans from all walks of life.
In addition to being a musical artist, Zyme has extended his range into the word of art. Checkout his unique styles on Instagram @ARTbyZyme  Also checkout his catolog of music by clicking the Music button.

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